Facebook Video Downloader

If you want to download video from the Facebook to you PC or Smartphone. It is not easy to download video from the Facebook.

Yeah! to solve your problem we have spent a bit our part-time job to try to build this tool to help you to be easy to download video from Facebook.

This tool is not required you to login or install any add-on software and you can use it for free forever. Only one click you can download any public video from Facebook.

From the free this tool, you can download Standard Definition (SD)or High Definition (HD) Video Formats.

Follow our quick step:

  • Step 1: Copy video link from the Facebook
  • Step 2: Past vidoe link into Facebook Vidoe URL.. box above
  • Step 3: Click button Download
  • Step 4: New page will open. On the new page click any video format link to download. You can check download guide on that page.

Note: If you are the copyright owner of any material and would like to block the download of any videos or resources, please contact us. We will block the download of those videos.

Please enjoy downloading any videos that you like. :)